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Pensions. Policies, New Reforms and Current Challenges
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Pensions: Policies, New Reforms and Challenges

Rethinking Public Sector Compensation book cover

The ongoing global financial crisis, coupled with the continued dramatic increases in life expectancy, have escalated the concerns countries have regarding the sustainability of their pension systems and how these retirement schemes will be financed.

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Rethinking Public Sector Compensation

Rethinking Public Sector Compesation book cover

Designed as a comprehensive overview of public sector compensation, the book addresses strategies for change, with the author warning that failure of the profession to address this issue will ultimately lead to citizens taking matters in their own hands. The author's issues-oriented approach addresses his core message-that the escalation of public sector compensation is impacting the ability of government to meet its core responsibility and the failure of government to address this has serious consequences. Not just a critique, the book presents context, analysis, and suggestions for reform.

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"This provocative analysis documents mutation away from ideals of governmental service devoted to public interests into a political culture of public employment in principal pursuit of self interests..."

- Chester A. Newland
Emeritus Duggan Distinguished Professor of Public Administration, University of Southern California; and Former Director, Federal Executive Institute

"Key policy makers and individuals would be remiss not to include a detailed review of the public sector in the Nation’s debate about compensation and the financial crisis. Thom Reilly’s thoughtful analysis of the shift in culture and compensation in the public sector reveals nuances that only a long-standing, executive-level civil servant could provide..."

- Heather H. Murren, CFA
Former Commissioner Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission

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Thom Reilly and Betsy Fretwell on Face to Face with Jon Ralston

Thom Reilly and Betsy Fretwell interview with Jon Ralston

Committee meets to discuss shared services proposal

Committee meets to discuss shared services proposal in Las Vegas, interview with Thom Reilly

Interview on Wall Street Journal Radio

Huge government pension gap sparks backlash

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) - Pensions and other retirement benefits have become a multi-trillion-dollar black hole for state and local government budgets, sparking fierce battles between elected officials and voters on one side and public sector unions on the other...
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Reilly, T. (2013). Comparing Public-Versus-Private Sector Pay and Benefits: Examining Lifetime Compensation. Public Personnel Management., 42(4), 521-544.

Reilly, T., and Reed, M. (2011). Budget Shortfalls, Employee Compensation and Collective Bargaining in Local Governments. State and Local Government Review. 43 (3), 215- 223.

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A Better Way to Set Public Pay

Too few local governments are taking advantage of a valuable tool: benchmarking compensation among their public- and private-sector peers...
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Why We Need to Re-Think Public Employees’ Compensation

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First step to fix pension woes: Proper accounting

Officials from Nevada’s Public Employees Retirement System recently announced that the system saw a 12.4 percent increase in value in the fiscal year that ended June 30, beating its 8 percent goal...
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Nevada's public employee compensation needs reform now

Nevada's pension system is one of the most generous public employee retirement plans in the nation...
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More transparency needed for city’s pension reform

It is of little surprise that the Comprehensive Pension Reform (CPR) initiative (which replaces guaranteed pensions for most city workers with a 401(k)-style plan, freezes base pay for city workers and removes special pay from counting toward pension calculations) is appearing on the June ballot in San Diego and garnering a good deal of citizen support...
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Nevada Taxpayers Association

My years in both state and local government have made me a passionate non-partisan. I stand before you today believing very strongly that the policies and financial issues surrounding public pay and benefits are bipartisan issues and the failure to make needed reforms will have a profound impact on the ability of state and local government to function effectively...
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